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Welcome to AzLSG!

The Arizona Land Subsidence Group was formed as a venue for scientists and engineers to discuss issues surrounding subsidence, its causes, effects, and mitigation ideas. Since its inception, the group has grown and expanded considerably, both in terms of membership and in collaborative activities. AzLSG members come from state and local jurisdictions, as well as academia and private industry. Among our ranks are not only scientists and engineers, but surveyors, land use planners, and those whose jobs are both directly and indirectly impacted by the effects of subsidence.

AzLSG collaborated on a white paper and developed suggested guidelines for investigating land subsidence and earth fissure hazards in Arizona that were both published by the Arizona Geological Survey.

Group discussions typically center on emerging research trends, potential mitigation techniques, identification of funding sources for research, exchanging ideas and information about subsidence and earth fissure locations, characteristics, and behavior, and methods to increase public awareness of the causes and effects of subsidence and how to combat it.

AzLSG meets every other month, typically on the last Wednesday from 12-2, and the location varies. There is no charge for membership in the group. If you are interested in joining, feel free to attend one of our meetings, and you can send a request to join the group from this site as well. Just be sure to fill out the requested information when you do-- that's how we weed out the spam.

We hope you enjoy your visit here, and if you have news, resources, questions, or suggestions, please send them along!

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